Only 2 weeks ago here on the blog of Hotel Angela we had the pleasure to introduce our colleage Sofía to all of you.Get to know: Pedro Rodríguez - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Today we would like to do the same with Pedro, our sous-maître d’.

Pedro comes from Huelva and started working with us last April.

Although he is quite young he has been in the profession for over 12 years working in hotels in different parts of Spain like Ibiza, Granada, Huelva or Marbella.

When we asked him what he likes the most about working in a hotel he said many little things make him love his job as he really enjoys having the opportunity to deal with customers and at the same time he appreciates working for an important company as this gives stability and financial security.

Pedro also told us that another good thing is that meeting so many people daily you get to live many happy and fun moments.

In his spare time he likes playing basketball, surfing, walking and readingperfect activities to do in Costa del Sol.

When we asked him about his ideal holiday he did not hesitate. This would be with his family and friends in his hometown (Manzanilla, in Huelva).

Pedro says he is a very tidy person, something that can be observed while he does his duties, and that his favourite place in Fuengirola is Los Boliches beach… How fortunate we are for having it so close!

If like Pedro you also love our beach and you really miss it, why don’t you start planning your next holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola?

Thanks a lot for your time, Pedro!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations