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Hotel Angela 29/07/2013
As many of you already know Hotel Angela has had to change the rules of bingo.

Currently in Spain it is not allowed to gamble and receive money in exchange unless you are in a casino or a gambling room.

We know how important this game is to you and how much you enjoy playing on your holiday at Hotel Angela, so because of this and following the advice of the local government we decided to offer you tickets you can use at the Angela or at any of our sister hotels as a prize.

The only legal option was to offer something that we sell at the hotel as a prize, so we considered the best thing to do would be to give tickets as a price so our guests could decide what they would like to get.

Before, many of our guests used their bingo prize to pay their drinks at the bar or to pay another holiday. Now even if the rules have changed, you can keep on doing it, so we understand the change is positive.

Bingo is still played 6 nights a week and the price of the bingo card is 2 euros.

Enjoy Bingo and best of luck next time you play!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations