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The Cathedral of Malaga

Tourism 10/03/2014
The cathedral is the most important and beautiful monuments in the city of Malaga and also one of the most visited.

Its official name is “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Encarnación”, though everybody in Malaga knows it simply by “The Cathedral”.

The Catholic Monarchs were who ordered its construction some days after conquering the city in 1487.

The cathedral was build where an old Almohad mosque stood and it was in 1528 when it started to get built.

254 years passed till the works finished. In 1782 when the construction was stopped one tower remained unfinished, so this is the reason why this cathedral is commonly known as “The amputee”.

There are different theories about the unfinished tower. Some say that the money that was going to be used to finish off the cathedral got sent to the United States in order to help them during their independence; other people though think that the funds were invested to improve the access to Antequera.

The cathedral of Malaga is the second highest in Andalusia and because of its missing tower is also one of the most unique and best known in Spain. The regular ticket is about 5 €, but the visit is well worth it as its interior is a real gem, especially the choir which includes works from the famous Baroque sculptor Pedro de Mena.

If you are interested in architecture and religious art and you are planning your next holiday to Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, why don’t you include the cathedral of Malaga in your list of places to visit?

You won’t find a more amazing monument on Costa del Sol!

Beatriz Muñoz

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