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The Hotel Ángela loves aquagym

Hotel Angela 15/07/2013
Did you know that every Wednesday and Saturday from 11:00 A.M to 11:45 A.M Hotel Angela offers you some amazing aquagym classes?

Many of you have already had the pleasure of seeing and using our fabulous new infinity pool. Well, now not only you can swim and freshen up but also get fit…What do you think about this great idea?

Our new pool is so amazing that it is easy to feel tempted by it. We are aware that now that it is quite hot not many people feel like practising sports so taking this into consideration Hotel Angela has found the perfect solution as by practising aquagym you will make the most of the pool, will get fit and at the same time will have fun!

Aquagym is similar to aerobics but it is practised in water and thanks to it the effect of the exercise done is double, so it is a very effective activity.

In the last few years it has become a very popular sport as it helps us to stay fit and also makes a very positive impact on our health.

Same as in aerobics music is very important when practising aquagym, as it will help us to relax or to activate us. In water we float so the effort seems to lessen and we don’t get very tired… Aquagym sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Our aquagym classes are free of charge and also so much fun!! Don’t miss out!!

Megano, our instructor, will be with us every Wednesday and Saturday and he expects your attendance!

Enjoy it!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations