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New specimens in Bioparc Fuengirola

Tourism 22/04/2014
Did you know that we have new and exotic inhabitants in Fuengirola, at Bioparc?

Quite recently Bioparc Fuengirola has extended its premises by creating a new area called Indo-Pacific in order to home some new species from this part of the planet.

The most popular species out of the newly arrived ones is the Komodo dragon, the biggest lizard in the world which can be over 3 metres long and weigh up to 150 kilos. This and weigh up to massive reptile from the Komodo Island in Indonesia is very well known for its poisonous bite and due to its big size it is also a great predator and an excellent hunter.

Apart from the 2 komodo dragons and the other new species that now live in the Indo-Pacific area at Bioparc some baby animals have been born there recently. A few months ago a pair of friendly bearcats got born and just 6 days ago they also welcomed a super small and cute baby mouse-deer.

As you know you can easily get your tickets for Bioparc Fuengirola and other attractions on Costa del Sol at reception, so if you are on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you fancy meeting these amazing new residents we recommend you not to miss a visit to Bioparc.

You will certainly have a great time!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations