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Malaga raisins

Gastronomy 14/10/2013
We know that many of you are loyal guests of Hotel Angela and that you have visited us for many years and you love Costa del Sol, for this reason, as you possibly don’t know much about it, today we would like to talk about the most traditional side of our beautiful region.

We tend to relate Costa del Sol to sea, sun, fishing and holiday makers, and we forget that here agriculture is also important, to the point that the muscatel grape industry is one of the most outstanding in the region.

The famous muscatel grapes grow in the Axarquía (Eastern Costa del Sol) and Manilva areas (Western Costa del Sol bordering the province of Cadiz).

These grapes get ripe by the end of July or beginning of August and once they have been collected they can be used as table grapes, for wine production or as raisins.

The drying process is a very old technique that consists of drying them under the sun.

The grapes have an even dark reddish colour, an intense sweet flavour and some seeds.

In Malaga and Andalusia, possibly because of our Arabic heritage, raisins have an important role in our gastronomy as they are usually used to go with meat, to create sauces or to prepare some sweets or desserts.

Did you know how important raisins were on Costa del Sol? Have you tried any dish which contained them during your stay at Hotel Angela? What are the typical products of your region? We are very curious and we would like to know it, so if you fancy you can tell us on our Facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations