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Avocados from La Axarquia

Gastronomy 14/01/2014
Last week here on the blog of Hotel Angela we told you about Nerja, one of the most beautiful towns on Costa del Sol.

As we said Nerja is a very touristic place even if it still keeps its more traditional side. Like in the rest of Costa del Sol the tourist industry there is the most important one though it is not the only one that maintains its economy.

Like other towns belonging to La Axarquía, Nerja has cultivated land where subtropical products of great quality, like for example avocados, grow. The amazing weather we have in Malaga and the excellent quality of the soil are both perfect to grow this kind of fruit so for this reason nowadays La Axarquía is a leading exporter of subtropical products in Europe.

If we consider its nutritional values we see avocado is kind of perfect as it contains lots of proteins and it has many good properties. Among its great properties is to fight against cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer or heart diseases and to postpone ageing or maintain in good condition our nervous system.

Although it is very high in fats the fats it contains are “good fats” like Omega9, so it has properties similar to the ones olive oil has. In fact avocados are a very healthy substitute to animal fats, which is one of the reasons why many vegetarians eat it.

They are included in many Mediterranean dishes even if it originally comes from America. As it grows in Malaga and it is one of the healthiest fruits ever here at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we always try to include them in some of our dishes, being a good example of this our tropical salad and our avocados with prawns.

Why don’t you include avocados on your diet? Soon you will notice its many benefits!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations