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Max's Caravan

Tourism 21/10/2013
Max’s Caravan is one of the most legendary tourist attractions on Costa del Sol.

Located in Mijas Pueblo, this peculiar museum opened its doors in 1972 becoming one of the many appeals this beautiful town has.

Professor Max was the stage name of Juan Elegido Millán, a magician and hypnotist from Guadalajara who also studied medicine.

Its bohemian and adventurous spirit made him travel the world. In these travels, he started to get and collect miniatures.

The collection exhibited counts with 360 pieces. The most popular of them are the portrait of Abraham Lincoln on a pin head or Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Dinner on a rice grain.

Max’s Caravan is a unique museum on Costa del Sol and around the world. It is open daily and it is situated in Avenida Del Compás, one of the main streets in Mijas.

If we have managed to awaken your curiosity and you are one of those who appreciate peculiar stuff Hotel Angela recommends you to go to Mijas and visit this special museum.

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations