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Get to know: Antonia Aguilera

Some of our most frequent guests probably know Antonia Aguilera. This post will allow you to get to know a little bit more about her. She was born in Villanueva de Tapia a town in Málaga and has been working with us for 25 years by now. Actually last Christmas she received a gold watch, the company’s present for those 25 years of excellent service. She has worked in the restaurant and the snack bar before becoming part of the administrative office at our hotel. She is one of our colleagues that works behind the scenes and it is very important for us that you meet all of them because we are all a big family that could not do without anyone.

Antonia, like most of our colleagues, tells us that what she likes the most about working at Hotel Angela is “to meet a lot of people”, and she gives us an example of a fun anecdote that happened to her with a spanish bullfighter:

“I gave the bill to Jose María Manzanares and he dedicated it to me thinking I was asking him for an autograph!”

She also recalls a time when “a guest gave me a rose and said: Mrs., you are a rose”. From her habit of “wanting to have everything under control, and as far as I can reach” she has a message for all our guests, which reflects very well what the whole team thinks:

“I would like all our guests to tell us more about their preferences, this way we could adapt even more to your needs; and also would like you to know that we all work very hard so that your holidays are the best possible ever.

Have you seen the pictures? Isn’t it great to see how she has developed inside our company? We are very proud of having people like her in our team, this is how over the years we have become a great family. Next month you will get to meet another one of us… Meanwhile, if you want to say something to Antonia (we call her Toñi, which is s short version of her name in Spanish), make sure to do so in our our facebook page.

Yara Martin
Guest Relations Manager