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Gastronomy 22/04/2013
When we think about holidays and Costa del Sol it is impossible not to think about the beach, the sun and a tasty glass of sangria.

Sangria is the Spanish drink par excellence. It is world-wide known and its main ingredients are red wine, fruit, sugar, spices and liquor.

The name “sangria” comes from the word “sangre” that in Spanish means “blood”. This reference to the word “blood” is due to the colour of the wine which is its main ingredient. We can really use any kind of red wine though we would get better results if we use a young fruity one.

Sangria has to be served cold and has to be presented in a transparent jug so that way the fruit can be seen. This popular drink can’t be considered a cocktail for a few reasons, for example it is a drink that it is normally drunk with meals, it is prepared in a jug, not in a cocktail shaker, and served in a common glass not in a cocktail one.

It seems that Spaniards started to drink sangria during the first decade of the 19th Century, but…did you know that apparently the English were the ones who made it fashionable in the mid 19th Century? Interesting fact, right?

Do you love sangria? Would you fancy learning how to prepare it? If so this Thursday at 11:30 at Hotel Angela’s Snack Bar, Alison, our public relations and entertainment manager, will show you how to prepare a delicious and refreshing sangria. Don’t miss out!


Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations