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The Dolmens of Antequera

Tourism 11/04/2022
If you are passionate about art and prehistory and you like learning new things and exploring new places while on holiday, then what we are going to tell you right now might awake your curiosity and your adventurous spirit.

Stonehenge, the fascinating megalithic monument in the South of England, is well-known around the world but did you know that the tallest group of dolmens in Europe is fact in the South of Spain and they are even bigger than ones in Stonehenge?

The dolmens we are talking about are in Malaga; to be more precise they are in the town of Antequera, around 31 miles away from Malaga and 49 miles from Fuengirola.

This archeological ensemble is one of the most important ones in Europe and in the world.

On this blog we always do our best to motivate you and encourage you to discover the secrets that our region hides, and these dolmens are indeed a great example of a hidden gem as not many tourists coming to Malaga know about their existence, which is a pity considering they are well worth a visit.

If you find them fascinating, we hope you make the most of your holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, by visiting Antequera and its spectacular dolmens.

The dolmens of Antequera are open Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 09:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. The entry price is free for EU citizens and 1,5€ for citizens of other countries.

You won’t regret your visit as you won’t find something as spectacular anywhere in the world!

Beatriz Munoz
Guest Relations