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The fig bread

Gastronomy 04/01/2016
Just 2 weeks ago here on the blog of Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we talked about the tradicional and Chrismassy “pestiños” as that is the sweet pastry that our Marina Bay Café has chosen to serve while the “Sweet Christmas” route, organised by the Fuengirola City Council, is on.

Today we would like to continue talking about local traditional Christmas sweets and because of this we have prepared a post about a very typical and healthy one called “fig bread”.

Although its name contains the word bread it does not have flour or corn among its ingredients but dried figs, almonds, cloves and aniseed.

What we know about it is that is a humble recipe linked to the countryside which origin is possibly Moorish.

Although it is a sweet prepared and eaten all over Spain the “fig bread” elaborated in the Malaga region is one of the most famous in Spain, especially the one from Coin, a beautiful town in inland Malaga only 21 miles away from Fuengirola.

Although every place is the world has its traditional Christmas sweets and its customs it does not really matter if we celebrate the festive season eating nougat, “fig breads”, panettones or Christmas puddings, what matters is that we do it surrounded by our loved ones.

Happy holidays!

Beatriz Muñoz