This week we have the pleasure of introducing the last person to join our big Hotel Angela family: our new colleage Felipe Lozano.

Felipe is our new maître d’.Get to know: Felipe Lozano - Hotel Angela Fuengirola He started working with us on the 24th of March and although he has not been with us long he is already a very important member of our team.

Many of you who have had the fortune of spending the Easter holidays with us  might have had the chance of meeting him.

If you have not or if you would like to know him better today we would like to tell you a bit more about him.

Although he is quite young he has been working in hospitality for over 26 years and before starting in the Angela he had the same role in another chain of hotels.

He says what he likes the most about working in a hotel is working directly with guests. He considers it is a very rewarding job as guests tend to express their satisfaction for the service provided.

Felipe is a very tidy man and pays a lot of attention to detail, two very positive things that you will surely notice when you see him working.

When we asked him about his musical preferences he said he likes indie music but also Spanish artists like “El Barrio” or “Fito”.

Among his hobbies are rambling, diving, sailing and fishing. He basically loves making the most of the wonderful natural resources Costa del Sol offers.

Felipe comes from Fuengirola, so he knows it quite well. Of our town he recommends you a visit to a place full of history: The Sohail Castle.

If like him you also love embracing nature and going rambling he recommends you to go to Refugio Juanar near Ojen or to the Mount of Mijas as both places are real gems.

To finish off he would like to share a message with you all. This is what he told us: “The whole restaurant team is at your disposal. Together we will work hard to make your holidays enjoyable”.

If you fancy knowing more about him or if you have had the pleasure of meeting him and you would like to send him a message please visit our Facebook page.

Thanks a lot for your time, Felipe!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations