Are you currently on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you wonder why yesterday the 13th of October was a bank holiday?

Usually the 13th of October is a normal day, but as this year the 12th of October was a Sunday the holiday was celebrated the following day.

The 12th of October is Spain’s National Day, also known as Hispanity Day.

This date was chosen as our National Day as it represents a very important day in the history of Spain: The discovery of America on the 12th of October 1492. A very important event which helped spread our language and culture beyond Europe.

 The official celebration of the 12th of October traditionally includes a military parade in Madrid  which is attended by the King, the Royal family and those who represent the State.

This in fact has been the second year our new King Felipe VI has attended it as he did it last year too when he was only representing his dad, former king Juan Carlos I.

The 12th of October is also the Day of Virgen del Pilar, so the National Day is at the same time as the Zaragoza festival.

By the way, did you attend on Sunday the special mass dedicated to Zaragoza and Virgen del Pilar we told you about on our previous post? If you did we would love to know if you liked it.

Do you also celebrate your country’s National Day? If so, when is it and what exactly do you do?  As you know, although we love Costa del Sol, we are also very curious so it is always lovely to know a little bit more about your homeplaces and your customs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations