Hotel Angela is quite romantic. We love Valentine’s Day and also the fact that many of you decide to spend it in here with us.Romantic urban art - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

As we are only 5 days away from it this week we thought it would be a great idea if our blog entry was all about love.

Love is the main topic of countless films, works of literature and conventional works of art.

We have noticed though that urban art is getting more and more romantic as each day more anonymous declarations of love can be found in different Spanish cities.

Malaga is a modern and cosmopolitan city that has not hesitated to follow this new trend. As it previously happened in Madrid and Barcelona, in Malaga some beautiful messages have appeared stamped on some zebra crossings too.

These pedestrian crossings are located in quite cultural areas of the city, as can be the University districts of Teatinos and El Ejido. In Teatinos the message that can be read is: “Your smile is the best news I can get”. This is located very close to a cultural centre called “La Caja Blanca”. In El Ejido the romantic message that says “Poetry. Music. Art. You” is located in a very convenient zebra crossing as it is right by the music conservatory.

It seems though that there are a few more lovely messages from an unknown author in other parts of the city.

In Madrid 33 different messages could be found, so considering how romantic we are in here even more could appear in Malaga!

If on Valentine’s 2015 you have the fortune of being on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, why don’t you take your other half for a romantic trip to Malaga… The city is more charming than ever, and who knows, maybe you discover a new beautiful message!

Happy Valentine’s!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations