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World Environmental Education Day

une femme âgée et un enfant tiennent une petite plante dans leurs mains

At Hotel Angela in Fuengirola, we are committed to encourage environmental education, creating spaces where information becomes inspiration. We value the importance of cultivating knowledge and awareness, sowing the seed of change in all generations.  

We encourage environmental education because understanding and knowing our environment is the key to protecting it and building a future where every visit to our hotel is an opportunity to learn about our planet.  

Did you know that the province of Malaga has a fascinating biodiversity? From the different migratory birds that pass through our skies, to the emblematic oceanic Posidonia that inhabits our sea. Discovering these secrets is a unique opportunity to connect with the planet in a meaningful way.  

By exploring this knowledge, we not only enrich our minds, but also become passionate advocates for sustainability. Together we can create a legacy of respect and care for our environment.   

We invite you to be an active part of environmental protection during your stay. Every action count: recycling properly, reducing the use of plastics and saving water are simple but powerful actions that contribute to preserving the environment.  

By adopting these sustainable practices, you will not only enjoy a conscious vacation, but you will also be a protector of the natural wealth that makes the Costa del Sol a unique destination. 

Luisa Gélvez

Quality and Environmental Department  

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