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Sustainability Report 2022


We are excited to share with you the ML Hoteles Sustainability Report 2022, and Hotel Angela is a key part of it! This report is a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainability and transparency in all our operations.

In the document we have detailed our actions with respect to environmental, social, and economic aspects, highlighting our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and contribute positively to society. From energy conservation initiatives to waste management practices, these are just some of the aspects that can be found in the dossier.

Also, don't miss the news about the technological advances and digitalization that we have implemented at Hotel Angela to improve efficiency in daily management. We want all our guests to be part of this journey towards sustainability and to feel proud to stay in a place that values and prioritises environmental care.

We invite you to discover more about our sustainable actions and achievements in the ML Hoteles Sustainability Report 2022 - we look forward to hearing your feedback and comments on our commitment!

Access the document via the following link

Thank you for being part of this important journey towards a more sustainable future!

Juan Antonio Campaña

Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Coodinator

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