Did you know last Friday, the 28th of November, was the Christmas lighting ceremony in Malaga city centre?Christmas has arrived in Malaga - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Every year this event becomes more and more popular as many excited locals and visitors in the Christmas mood don’t want to miss it…after all the lighting is what marks the start of the festive season.

 As you know here on the blog of Hotel Angela we have dedicated many posts to the city of Malaga and we have recommended you several times not to miss the chance to visit it. Malaga is obviously an amazing city all year round, but during Christmas it looks so beautiful that it is really breathtaking.

The main streets of the city centre are decorated with beautiful and colourful lights so no matter where you go the atmosphere will be amazing.

If we have to choose a place though that looks particularly beautiful this time of year that is the well famous calle Larios which this year has been decorated with stunning lights in the shape of Gothic arches and vaults.

Calle Larios is the most important street on Costa del Sol and one of the best known commercial areas in Spain. It is a beautiful marble floored street decorated with many flower plants and it is always quite crowded as many of us love its architecture and its great stores.

Very close to calle Larios it is Constitution Square, another much visited place this time of year as a massive Christmas tree and other lovely Christmas decorations can be seen on there.

If this December you have the fortune of being on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we certainly recommend you not to miss the opportunity to visit Malaga city to see its beautiful Christmas decorations and do some shopping… we guarantee you will get in the Christmas spirit!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest relations