You cannot imagine the big amount of questionnaires to the management that we receive at Hotel Angela every month.Questionnaires to the Management - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Many of you possibly hesitate before writing one as you might think there is no point. Well, we can assure you that in spite of the big volume of questionnaires received each of them is read with attention by the management and your suggestions and requests are always taken into consideration.

Just so you know, if we added up the number of questionnaires we got in May, June and July the total would be 935!! Wow!

Our guests’ satisfaction is essential to us, so for that reason your comments and your suggestions are always more than welcome.

We would like to thank you for the time spent filling them in and we encourage you to keep on doing it as not only they are very helpful but they also allow us keep on improving our service.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation and for being part of our big family.

See you soon at the Angela!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations