Many of you who have the fortune of being on holiday at Hotel Angela this week might already know the Fair of Fuengirola starts today and it will be on till Sunday the 12th of October.Fair of Fuengirola: Special masses - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

As we have done in the past years this 2014 we have also organised some activities related to this important event.

Last Friday, the 3rd of October, we had our “vocab for the fair” actitivy by the swimming pool, and this Wednesday, the 8th of October, we will have our accessories and clapping one and we will teach you how to dance sevillanas. Before the 8th of October the most important event of the fair will take place though: The flamenco mass.

The flamenco mass is not a common mass, it is much more than that. It is always celebrated on the 7th of October at 10:30 A.M on Constitution Square and the festive feeling of it is simply amazing as most people who attend it wear beautiful flamenco dresses.

This mass is worth seeing as it is simply beautiful and we are sure if you give it a go you will definitely love it.

Another mass you might like to attend is the one on the 12th of October in Los Boliches Church. The 12th of October is not only a holiday in town but all over Spain as it is Hispanity Day.

This last mass has nothing to do with the fair or with Hispanity Day really. This one is in honour of Virgen del Pilar, the Patron Saint of Aragon, in Northen Spain, as her festivity is also celebrated on the 12th of October.

As you can see there are many things to do this week in Fuengirola and at Hotel Angela!

 Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations