Summer is about to arrive and as it is traditional here on Costa del Sol we will celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season on the 23rd of June, San Juan’s Night. San Juan's Night - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Nowadays as soon as the temperatures rise we head towards the beach…it has not always being like this as in the past we Spaniards didn’t go to the beach until San Juan’s Night.

“Juas”, bonfires and “moragas” are very typical on that night.Juas” are the highlight of the event, therefore they are very traditional, bonfires have a purifying effect and moragas are something very typical on Costa del Sol.

If you read our blog last year or if you got to spend San Juan’s Night with us at Hotel Angela you might know that a “juas” is a big handmade ragdoll that gets burn on that day at midnight. 

A “moraga” is a night party celebrated at the beach with family and friends. They are definitely a great excuse to have a good time and to eat and drink whatever the participants brought with them.

From San Juan onwards, during the summer, moragas in our area are very popular as they become the perfect plan on a beautiful summer night.

At Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we certainly celebrate the arrival of our favourite season in a very special way. To start with, this week Alison, our friendly PR,  will be on the 21st of June at 11: 30 A.M at the Snack-Bar to help you make a “juas” and on Monday, the 23rd of June at 11:30 P.M it will be a pleasure to us to celebrate San Juan’s Night with you all at the Rivera Beach Club, opposite Hotel Yaramar. If you fancy the plan please sign up on reception.

We would love to see you there!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations