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Exhibition about Japan in CAC Mijas


Many of you might already know that at Hotel Angela we quite like art and because of this some beautiful pieces of art decorate our hotel.

Due to our passion for art we frequently use this blog to recommend you some of the many great exhibitions we have the fortune to have available in Costa del Sol.

Today is one of these occasions as since the 30th of November and until the 27th of February CAC Mijas is housing a very interesting exhibition called “Japan: Culture and Tradition”.

This exhibition is on display in Exhibition Room number 2 of CAC Mijas and its purpose is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Spain and Japan.

In CAC Mijas now, you can see many beautiful engravings in rice paper from the 19th Century by some of Japan’s most famous artists.

These works show Japanese everyday life scenes and several characters like emperors, samurais and geishas.

Estas obras muestran escenas de la vida cotidiana japonesa en las que aparecen distintos personajes como emperadores, samurais o geishas.

Apart from the engravings there is also a crystal urn with a “kabuto”, which is a type of helmet used by ancient Japanese warrior, as well as a “katana”.

As we have said in previous blogs when we have recommended CAC Mijas, this museum is in the centre of Mijas Pueblo, in calle Malaga, and it is open Monday to Saturday from 10 P.M to 6 P.M.

CAC Mijas is a very popular museum in Costa del Sol. Its regular entry price to access all facilities of the museum is 3 euros, and the price for groups and over 65s is only 2 euros.

If you had planned to visit Mijas soon we recommend you visit this interesting exhibition about the Empire of the Rising Sun!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

New exhibition in Fuengirola


Last week here on the blog of Hotel Angela we informed you about the Day of the Bike, organised by the Fuengirola City Council.

Today on our blog we would like to recommend you another event organised by the City Coucil, though this this time it is an arts exhibition.

The exhibition is displayed in Museo Ciudad de Fuengirola and it includes pieces of pottery and clay, sculptures, paintings, photos, bookbinding works, restored books, glazed works, engravingsrestored items as well as objects and pieces done with recycled materials.

All works there included have been made by students who attend the evening art related classes organised by the City Council.

The exhibition includes around 80 pieces, can be visited until Sunday the 24th of June, and it is totally free.

If you are currently staying with us, or you are planning to come before the 24th of June, we recommend you visit it as it will make you see how talented the people of Fuengirola are.

Enjoy arts and crafts in Costa del Sol!

Beatriz Muñoz
Atención al cliente


Japan. Engravings and artistic objects


Are you currently on holiday in Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you have planned to spend a day doing a bit of sightseeing in Malaga?

If that is your plan, you find museums interesting and like the Japanese culture, we would like to recommend you the stunning exhibition called “Japan. Egravings and artistic Objects”, which is currently on display in Museo Thyssen  Malaga and is available until the 23rd of April.

There, you will be able to see 24 stunning ukiyo-e engravings from the 18th and 19th century, as well as a painting from the great artist Kawanabe Kyosai, around 20 interesting Japanese objects and 2 Japanese weapons lent by the Bilbao Museum.

Malaga is famous for its multiculturalism and its many museums and the best thing about these is that not only pieces of art from locals like Picasso are available but also some beautiful pieces from other great international artists are.

Enjoy Malaga and Japan in just one day without having to go too far!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations