2019 has just started so improving our diets and leading a healthier lifestyle is surely among the new year’s resolutions of most of us.

If this year these are also your goals, you love the beach and you are currenly on holiday with us at Hotel Angela, you might really enjoy today’s post.

Several studies have proven that the beach has a massive positive impact in our health as it is one of the best places to relax and leave our worries behind.

sun also helps us to release endorphines, also known as happy hormones, and makes us produce Vitamin D considered the “sunshine vitamin” that protects us from catching colds in winter.

Sea water has a great antibiotic effect and makes wounds heal faster as it contains zinc, iodine, sodium and other elements with fantastic properties… Plus it is good to cleanse our nostrils.

beach is also one of the best places to exercise as sea breeze contains iodine, which is good for the breathing system.

, it also seems that the beach is one of the places where we read the most, which is a great activity to fight against the deterioration of our neurones.

we not only want to be healthy but also look good, the beach is the perfect place for us as sand is a fantastic body and face scrub and seaweed delays the appareance of wrinkles and early ageing.

cannot forget either that walking barefoot on sand is really good for our feet… though if you like a more active kind of exercise you can practice lots of fantastic sports, not only on the sand but also in the water.

In fewer words, if you are a bit down because it is cold, and the Christmas period is over, why don’t you start planning your next visit to Hotel Angela… your body will be very grateful!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations