We know that many of our guests at Hotel Angela have a great sight and are able to spot new things almost instantly… a good example of this is when at Christmas time we do our elf game, we hide it around the hote and  it does not take you long at all to find it!

Now our question is… have you realised we have a new flag right by the main entrance of our hotel?

Only a few weeks ago here at Hotel Angela there was an official act, this new flag was put on the flagpole  and in it participated local authorities as well as our new Hotel Manager Salvador Gonzalez.

The new flag we now have is the flag of the province of Malaga. This blue and white flag with the badge of Malaga in the middle is quite recent as it was designed only in 1978.

In fact the blue and white flag with no badge belonged to the Sea District of Malaga, and by adding the badge it became the flag of the province… quite insteresting, isn’t it?

Next time you visit the Angela take a good look… it is quite lovely!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations