Just two weeks ago here on the blog of Hotel Angela we shared with you a post about the beautiful town of Ronda and told you a lot of interesting facts about it.

Today we would like to give you another great reason to visit Ronda, as about a month ago the roof top of the Santa María de la Encarnación la Mayor Church in Ronda opened to the public for the first time ever.

To access the roof top you will have to take an amazing and restored 17th Century spiral staircase, as this beautiful church was built between the 14th and 17th Century over an old mosque at the request of the Catholic Monarchs.

As you can imagine, from up there the views of the town and its natural environment are breathtaking.

As we said in our previous post, Ronda is no doubt one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, and one of your favourites, as many of you visit it while on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola.

If you are currently staying with us and you had planned to go on a excursion to Ronda, try not to miss a visit to this lovely church.

You will surely be able to take some stunning pictures from up there!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations