Are you currently enjoying some lovely sunny days at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola?La Cazuela de la Abuela - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

If that’s the case and you really like Spanish food, you will surely be delighted to hear that this week “La Cazuela de la Abuela” gastro route is back in town!

« La Cazuela de Abuela” is a very successful “comfort food” route as locals and visitors love it and many local bars and restaurants participate on it.

One of these participant establishments is Chiringuito Rivera, the Beach Club that belongs to our sister hotel, Hotel Yaramar.

This year this event will start on Friday the 19th of February and it will be on till Sunday the 6th of March and like in previous editions, while it is on, all participant bars and restaurants will offer a delicious casserole with a drink for only 2 euros.

By the way, this year the Rivera Beach Club is participating for the third time in a row with a dish we cannot love more: Iberian pork cheek stew.

These pork cheeks are full of delicious flavours as they have been cooked in red wine with herbs and other great ingredients.

Salvador, the chef of the Rivera, decided to compete in this route with this fabulous dish as this pork cheek stew is part of the menu of the Rivera Beach Club and it is something their customers really like, therefore we are sure that if you do this “comfort food” route you will definitely enjoy it!

In previous editions of « La Cazuela de la Abuela » the casseroles offered by the Rivera Beach Club always got great marks as Salvador always puts a lot of effort in delivering a great dish, so we really hope he gets some well deserved good points this year too.

Do not miss out, visit the Rivera and give this cheek stew a go… it is super tasty!

Beatriz Munoz
Guest Relations