Last week our blog post was about our legendary pesetas and today the topic chosen is quite similar as only 5 days ago a new 20 euro note started circulating in all eurozone countries.New 20 euro note - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

If you are planning to come on holiday soon to Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you have to change money it might be good for you to know the new characteristics of these new notes in comparison to the old ones:

  • They have a new security system so they are more difficult to falsify.
  • Same as the new 5  and 10 euro notes the 20s now also contain a portrait of the old Greek mythological figure Europa in the hologram and also in the watermark.
  • Number 20 changes colour, from emerald green to dark blue when you move it.
  • The new note will have a longer life as its material is more resistant.

If you still have old 20 euro notes do not worry, same as it happens with old 5 and 10 euro notes, you can continue using them as they are still in circulation and won’t disappear in a while.

Have you seen one of these new notes? Do you like how they look or you prefer the old ones?

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations