Are you one of our loyals guests who have been coming on holiday to Hotel Angela for many years?Pesetas - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

If this is the case you might remember those times when you arrived with your wallet full of pesetas and ready to have a good time and enjoy the fantastic weather we have in Costa del Sol.

Because of this today we have had the idea of dedicating this blog post to the important people that appeared on those legendary bank notes.

The man who appeared on the smallest note of all, 100 pesetas in brown colour, was the great Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

The 200 pesetas note was orange and came with the image of famous writer Leopoldo Alas “Clarin”.

Poet and novelist Rosalia de Castro was the woman who appeared on the dark blue note that had a value of 500 pesetas.

The popular green note worth 1,000 pesetas had the image of another writer called Benito Pérez Galdós.

Andalusian writer Juan Ramón Jimenez was the man who appeared on the 2,000 pesetas note which came in colour red.

And last but not least, our former King, Juan Carlos I de Borbón, was the man who appeared both on the brown note worth 5,000 pesetas and on the grey one worth 10,000, being this last one the biggest note around.

Later in 1992 a new edition of these notes with new characters appeared but we do remember them much less because they were in circulation for only 10 years as the Euro arrived in 2002.

Do you remember any of the notes we mentioned? We would love you to share your stories and memories about this currency with us!

Let’s get nostalgic!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations