Many of you have been coming on holiday to Hotel Angela for years, so you have possibly visited Puerto Banus in Marbella already.Gourmet market in Puerto Banus - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

What you might not know is “Ambrosia”, its fantastic new gourmet market.

“Ambrosia” opened its doors for the first time in late July, at the peak of high season in Costa del Sol.

Since it opened it has been a big success as it has received a big amount of visitors daily. This is quite understandable as Andalusia is one of the best areas to eat and Marbella is one of the most famous and glamourous tourist destinations in the world.

This gourmet market shares some characteristics with both traditional and modern markets as there it is possible to purchase high quality products, eat and even celebrate special social events.

“Ambrosia” is housed in a beautiful building located by the roundabout of the Alzambra-Vasari residential area. There are a few bus and taxi stops nearby so it won’t be too difficult for you to get there or find it.

If you would like to experience the life of the rich and famous for a day, do not miss a visit to Puerto Banus and “Ambrosia”… your stomach will surely be delighted!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations