A new season has arrived! Today is the day when summer will leaves us as autumn will officially start tomorrow Tuesday the 23rd of September at 04:29 A.M.Autumn on Costa del Sol - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

The change of season implies a dropping of the temperatures and the arrival of rain. Both things make most people feel blue and long the beautiful summer days when we all had fun under the sun.

However, here in Costa del Sol we are extremely lucky as the sun still shines and our skies are still blue even if summer is now over.

Costa del Sol is the most Southern coast in Europe and being surrounded by mountains it is protected against the cold winds of the North, which means our autumns and winters are mild and therefore more bearable.

In Fuengirola the forecast for this week is amazing as the sun will be with us every day and the temperatures will be between 24 and 20 degrees… We cannot really ask for more!

If at the moment you are feeling a bit down because it is a bit chilly in your homeplace and you miss the good summer days spent at Hotel Angela, why don’t you start planning your next visit to Fuengirola?

In our opinion autumn is the perfect time for a break and a good holiday is definitely the best therapy!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations