Although we are aware that Thomson might have informed you already about this, we would like to let you know that this winter we will close again our beloved Hotel Ángela, from November 2013 till March 2014, in order to continue our refurbishment.

Seeing the pictures of the current refurbishment, many of you ask us what we are doing at the back of the hotel, where the tennis court was. Well this is where the next stage of the refurbishment process will follow and the plan includes, amongst other details, a Spa for our hotel in order to offer you many more services and comfort while visiting Costa del Sol.

During this new stage we will also redo the staff areas and offices so the whole hotel gets a fresh start.

As for the current works, everything is going as planned and on the 17th of March we will be ready to welcome our first guests.

For those of you asking about the entertainment lounge downstairs, we have great news! We have kept the secret from you but it is time to reveal that there will be a lift for those of you that had some trouble going down the stairs. We are sure this is great news for all of you, as many have asked for this and it was not possible to do until now. On the other hand, we would like you to understand that the entertainment lounge will not reopen until summer, as this area will still have some more work done to it once we reopen in March.

Time flies and in a little less than a month we will be welcoming you all back. Meanwhile stay tuned to our Facebook page to see new pictures of the changes as now everything is starting to look finished.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations