As you already know Hotel Ángela is currently closed for refurbishment. It is important to us to keep on providing you a superb and high quality service because you all deserve it.

For years we have read, listened and paid attention to all your comments, so for this reason now we are doing our best to cover all your needs.

We are aware that all of you, together with our staff, are eager to know about the changes and that you all have a lot of hope on this refurbishing project. After it, no doubt, the Ángela will be much better.

We would like to tell you that during these 4 months that we are going to be closed we are going to work very hard to make all these changes possible and that once we reopen the Ángela will continue improving and offering you the best service.

There will be many changes, some of them will be big, and some of them will be just details that no doubt will stand out.  We know that you are looking forward to knowing about the evolution of the works. At the moment we can’t say much but we can share with you that the biggest changes will be noticed in the swimming pool area, the lounge and the restaurant. If there is something we can promise you is that the Ángela won’t lose its character, and that the staff, which most of you love, will continue being the same.

We will keep informing you about the evolution of the refurbishment in here and through our Facebook page, so keep on visiting us.

Even if apart we like feeling you close.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations