The 12th of October is National Spain Day as we commemorate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Therefore this Friday is a national holiday for all Spaniards and it is the day when the traditional military parade takes place in Madrid. This parade is very important and it is attended by the King, the Royal Family and other members of the government.

The 12th of October is known as “Hispanity Day” though it is also known as “Pilar Day” as it is also the day of the Virgin del Pilar, patron saint of Aragón (North of Spain).

This year as the 12th is a Friday it means that we will have a longer weekend, so there is no better option than enjoying the Bank Holiday while relaxing in Hotel Ángela and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we still have in Costa del Sol.

Besides, the 12th of October is the last day of the fair of Fuengirola, so if you have the pleasure of being in Hotel Ángela make the most of your stay and visit the fair for the last time this year… Happy Hispanity Day and happy ending to the fair!! …Next year, much more!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations