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37th Edition of the Malaga Theatre Festival


If you are currently on holiday with us at Hotel Angela, your hotel en Fuengirola, and you love going to the theatre we bring you good news this week as last Wednesday, the 8th of January, the 37th edition of the Theatre Festival started in Malaga.

Malaga is a Cosmopolitan city that supports and promotes art, films and also theatre plays, for this reason until the 9th of February local theatres, and mainly Teatro Cervantes, will held 40 amazing plays, some of them with very famous Spanish actors as main stars.

Among the plays that participate in this festival the most recommended ones are the following:

‘Bells & spells’: It was the opening play and it took place on the 8th of January at 8.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘Esperando a Godot’ (“Waiting for Godot”): It is an adaptation of the play by well-known Irish dramatist Samuel Beckett. Famous Spanish actor Pepe Viñuela is its main star and it was on the 9th of January at 8.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘El coronel no tiene quien le escriba…(“No one writes to the Colonel”): It is a classic play by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and it is one of the best plays of the festival. It is directed by famous director Carlos Saura and it has Imanol Arias, one of our best national actors, as its main star.  It was on the 11th and 12th of January at 8.00 y 7.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘Mestiza’ (“Mixed Race”): This play has been nominated to the MAX Award given by Teatro Cervantes, and it was on the 13th of January, at 8.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘El Guardaespaldas’ (“The Bodyguard”). This was one of the most awaited plays. This famous musical took place in Teatro Cervantes from the 15th to the 19th of January.

‘Mrs. Dalloway’. This play by Virginia Wolf has famous Spanish actress Blanca Portillo as its main star and it was on the 21st of January at 8.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘La Golondrina’ (“The Swallow”): Its main star is super popular Spanish actress Carmen Maura and it took place on the 26th of January at 7.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘El viaje de Ulises'(Ulysses’ Travels):  It is a play for children and the winner of the FETEN Award 2019 as best play. It will be on the 2nd of February at 6.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

‘Hamlet’. It is a new adaptation by Portuguese company Companhia do Chapitô of the Shakespearean play. It will be on the 4 of February at 8.00 P.M in Teatro Cervantes.

If after reading this week’s post you are interested in seeing any of these plays you can buy your tickets online on the official website of Teatro Cervantes https://www.teatrocervantes.com/es/ciclos-y-festivales/37-festival-de-teatro/

Enjoy the great cultural offer of the city of Malaga!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Exhibition about Japan in CAC Mijas


Many of you might already know that at Hotel Angela we quite like art and because of this some beautiful pieces of art decorate our hotel.

Due to our passion for art we frequently use this blog to recommend you some of the many great exhibitions we have the fortune to have available in Costa del Sol.

Today is one of these occasions as since the 30th of November and until the 27th of February CAC Mijas is housing a very interesting exhibition called “Japan: Culture and Tradition”.

This exhibition is on display in Exhibition Room number 2 of CAC Mijas and its purpose is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Spain and Japan.

In CAC Mijas now, you can see many beautiful engravings in rice paper from the 19th Century by some of Japan’s most famous artists.

These works show Japanese everyday life scenes and several characters like emperors, samurais and geishas.

Estas obras muestran escenas de la vida cotidiana japonesa en las que aparecen distintos personajes como emperadores, samurais o geishas.

Apart from the engravings there is also a crystal urn with a “kabuto”, which is a type of helmet used by ancient Japanese warrior, as well as a “katana”.

As we have said in previous blogs when we have recommended CAC Mijas, this museum is in the centre of Mijas Pueblo, in calle Malaga, and it is open Monday to Saturday from 10 P.M to 6 P.M.

CAC Mijas is a very popular museum in Costa del Sol. Its regular entry price to access all facilities of the museum is 3 euros, and the price for groups and over 65s is only 2 euros.

If you had planned to visit Mijas soon we recommend you visit this interesting exhibition about the Empire of the Rising Sun!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Sculpture exhibition in Los Boliches


This week our blog is about art, as right now there is a fantastic free exhibition very close to our hotel.

The exhibition is called “Un Nautilus en la Ciudad” (“A Nautilus in Town”), it is housed in the Exhibition Room of Tenencia de Alcaldía de Los Boliches, right beside Los Boliches Market, and it will be open to visit until Friday, the 31st of August, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M.

This exhibition contains sculptures by Natalia Madueño, a local artist who used the sea as the topic of her final thesis project, so it is because of this that most of the pieces in the exhibition are related to it.

Well, if you are currently on holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel en Fuengirola, you love the sea and are also interested in art, we recommend you not to miss this amazing exhibition.

You will surely love it!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations