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Great Halloween Pumpkin Exhibition


Halloween is almost here, so as at Hotel Angela we love any kind of celebration, we will do our popular pumpkin competition again this year.

Despite Halloween is not something we have celebrated in Spain for long, in our hotel Halloween has now become a tradition.

Year after year our staff have proved they are amazing artists, and they dominate at teamwork. All participating departments do an outstanding job, have great imagination and put a lot of effort in their scary projects.

The results are always awesome, so we are afraid it is going to be difficult to choose a winner as all pumpkins are amazing.

This year we have decided to innovate a bit and we are not only going to have our pumpkins on display at the hotel lobby so our guests can vote for them on the 30th, but we also have organised a great exhibition on the 31st in the commercial gallery of our sister hotel, Hotel Yaramar. There you will be able to see the spooky creations the staff of Hotel Angela, Hotel Florida Spa and Hotel Yaramar have prepared this Halloween.

If you have the fortune of currently being on holiday at Hotel Angela, we encourage you to vote for your favourite on the 30th and to visit our great global exhibition at Hotel Yaramar as by doing it you can win a great prize.

If you are not with us at the moment do not worry, as on our Facebook page we will indicate you how you can vote for the one you like the most as by doing it you will also have a chance to win a prize.

As in previous year the winning department will get a meal out for the whole teamGood luck and may the best pumpkin win!

Happy Halloween!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Fair of Fuengirola 2019


As many of you might already know the Fair of Fuengirola starts this week on Sunday, the 6th of October.

For this reason and because we love sharing our lovely traditions with you on Wednesday, the 2nd of October, Hotel Angela has organised at 12:00 by the pool a great free activity about the fair specially for you!

In it we will give you information about the fair, we will inform you about what is going on in town and at the fairground, we will explain you about the traditional flamenco dress and the accessories that go with it and we will explain you what to eat and drink at the fairground during the fair.

Regarding the official programme of the fair we would like to highlight and recommend the flamenco mass in honour of Virgen del Rosario. Every year this is held on the 7th of October at 10:00 on Constitution Square, right in the city centre.  This mass is not a common one; it does have the wow factor as it is quite festive and most of the many who attend it come wearing beautiful flamenco dresses.

If you want to have fun with us and get some information about the fair, we would love to see you on Wednesday at 12:00 in our Snack Bar. By the way, besides good info we will also give a free glass of rebujito, the most popular drink of the fair, to all guests who attend our fun special activity.

Enjoy the fair at Hotel Angela!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Fuengirola on horse


Are you currently on holiday at Hotel Angela and you still have no plans for next weekend?

If that’s the case, we have a great recommendation for you, as this Saturday, the 21st of September, the Fuengirola Council has organised a fabulous event for horse lovers.

The event, called “Fuengirola on horse” will take place on Saturday from midday till 7:00 P.M. in 3 important spots in the centre of Fuengirola: Plaza de la Constitucion, Plaza Reyes Catolicos and Avenida Condes de San Isidro.

There, there will be beautiful equestrian shows, dancing, and many other activities about horses.

If you fancy warming up for the fair and you have a passion for these beautiful animals, we are sure you will have a fantastic time this Saturday in Fuengirola.

Enjoy the weekend in Fuengirola!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations