A few weeks ago we announced here on the blog that every Friday we now have themed dinners in the restaurant of Hotel Angela.

If back then we shared with you a few interesting facts about Spanish food, we now would like to do the same about Italian food as that is the theme for this Friday’s, the 2nd of June,  dinner:

There you go:

  • When we talk about Italian food it is impossible not to mention pizza, a dish that back in the day was considered as food of the poor.
  • Authentic pizzas are meant to have a very thin base.
  • In 1889 Queen Margherita of Italy tried pizza for the first time and she liked it so much that she ordered to get differed kind of pizzas prepared. One of them had the colours of her country (White from the mozzarella, red from the tomatoes and green from the basil). After this, pizzas got more popular and this is the reason why there is a pizza now called Margherita, in honour of this queen.
  • It is very important for Italians to have water, bread and wine on their tables when they are going to have their meals.
  • Italian food is part of the Mediterranean Diet, so fruits and vegetables are main ingredients in many of its dishes. Both are low in fat and also in calories, so they help to maintain our weight an even to lose some.
  • Fruits, vegetables and legumes are also rich in fibre, which is particularty good for our digestive system; it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, to maintain sugar levels and to prevent constipation.
  • Pasta, together with pizza, is one of the classic dishes of Italian cuisine. Not many know that it is possible to eat pasta without putting on weight, but it is, as pasta is not high in fats. If you are controlling those pounds, you should always try to choose pasta dishes with light sauces.

Italian food, same as Spanish, is not only one of people’s favourites but also one of the tastiest and healthiest.

We hope this Friday you enjoy the lovely Italian dinner our chefs at Hotel Angela have prepared for you in our restaurant.

Buon appetito!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations