Only a pair of weeks ago, here on the blog of Hotel Angela, we introduced Felipe, our new Maître d’, to you. Today we have the pleasure to introduce the last person to join our great team: Dulce Moreno.Get to Know: Dulce Moreno - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Dulce, our new Public Relations, is a friendly girl from Malaga whom many of you might already have had the pleasure to meet.

Dulce, who has worked in other hotels on Costa del Sol, says that working facing customers is what she likes the most about her job as she finds getting to know them and assisting them very enriching and rewarding.

Even if she arrived to our team very recently she already has funny stories to share about her experience so far.It seems she was quite nervous the first time she did the bingo game at the Angela so she didn’t do it in the way our guests are used to. After a few minutes they all relaxed and ended up having a laugh and getting a round of applause.

When we asked her about her likes she said she loves reading and enjoys listening to all kind of music. She considers herself a perfectionist as she always wants to do everything in the best way possible, something that is definitely present in her daily work.

If she had to recommend you a beautiful place in town that would be the Sohail Castle, while if she had to recommend you a lovely spot in Malaga that would be la Alcazaba as this a monument full of history from where some stunning views of the city can be enjoyed. Dulce always wears a smile and she goes an extra mile to make people happy, so it will be a pleasure to her to assist you during your holidays at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola.

If you have had the pleasure of meeting her or if you are looking forward to do it, why don’t you leave her a message on our Facebook page?

Welcome to the Angela family, Dulce!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations