Next Sunday, the 29th of March, is Palm Sunday, which marks the official start of our Holy Week.Borrachuelos from Malaga - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Holy Week is one of the most awaited events in Spain as it is celebrated in spring, the weather tends to be lovely and Holy Thursday and Friday are bank holidays, which means we can either have a short break away or stay in Costa del Sol enjoying the beautiful processions organised in our towns.

Because of all this and because this time of year many traditional and delicious sweets and cakes are prepared and consumed is normal that most people love Holy Week.

A good example of these are the “borrachuelos”, a very famous sweet from Malaga consumed mainly in Christmas and during Holy Week.

Borrachuelos have an Andalusi origin and among its ingredients are wine, honey, anisette and other spices. In fact the word “borrachuelo” means “drunk” as they contain wine in the dough. They tend to be filled with angel’s hair and they are normally coated in sugar or honey.

They are quite easy to find in any bakery, patisserie or confectionery. Many families though prefer to make them themselves although the process takes quite a while.

Well, if you have planned to come on holiday this Easter to Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, you better forget about dieting for a few days as not only our chefs will prepare some lovely dishes daily but also many amazing traditional sweets and cakes will be available in patisseries all over Costa del Sol.

Bon appétit!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations