This week here on the blog of Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we have the pleasure to inform you the Erotic Tapa Route is about to start in our town.The Erotic Tapa Route is back! - Hotel Ángela Fuengirola

This route has become so popular that this will be its 6th edition.

This Friday, the 31st of October, will be its first day, it will last until the 16th of November and same as last year the price of a tapa and drink will be only 2 €.

As in previous editions official passports have been created. These will be given to customers and will have to get stamped in participant establishments in order to win some great prizes.

By the way, can you guess which establishment will participate this year for the first time? Restaurante Rivera! The beach club of our sister hotel, Hotel Yaramar.

Its chef, Salvador, has prepared a cheeky and a delicious tapa called “Sex on the Rivera Beach” which among its ingredients has couscous and seafoodexcellent combination!

Last winter the Rivera participated on another gastronomic competition called “La Cazuela de la Abuela”. On that ocassion they ended up in 6th position, so this time we hope their erotic tapa is as well received by customers as the winter dish Salvador prepared for “La Cazuela de la Abuela”.

If you are currently on holiday at Hotel Angela, we recommend you not to miss the opportunity to go to the Rivera to try their “Sex on the Rivera Beach” tapa.

You will definitely have a laugh and will enjoy one of the most creative and tasty tapas of this year’s route.

Bon appétit!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations