Today when we have taken a look at the calendar we have realised that tomorrow is the 13th day of the month and also a TuesdayTuesday the 13th, also known in Spain as “the day of bad luck”…But why do we have such a bad concept of this day?Tuesday the 13th - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Not only in Spain but also in some Spanish speaking countries this belief has existed since the old times. Many consider it a superstition, while others prefer not to tempt fate and for this reason they avoid doing risky things on this day.

Nobody really knows why number 13 tends to be considered unlucky, but there are some theories that link it with the fact that 13 were the participants in the Last Supper of Christ or that number 13 in tarot cards corresponds to the card of The Death. That the day of bad luck is a Tuesday is possibly connected to the fact that Tuesday in Spanish is “martes” and martes is the day of the week dedicated to the Roman god of war, Mars. In other countries though the day considered as unlucky is Friday the 13th instead of Tuesday the 13th.

There is no scientific proof about this and well, on Costa del Sol all days are fantastic and therefore we should make the most of them. This Tuesday will be sunny, beautiful and we will have great temperatures, so if you are currently in Spain, having a well deserved holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we recommend you to leave Spanish superstitions aside…We strongly believe that on Tuesday the 13th wonderful things can also happen!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations