In general we, people from Fuengirola, love summer months as we can make the most of our amazing beaches and our wonderful weather, but did you know that October is also one of our favourite months too? It is, and this is not a big surprise as our fair is in October.Fair of Fuengirola 2013 - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Every year Fuengirola celebrates its fair from the 6th till the 12th of October. This is our most special week of the year, so it obviously is a very special time at Hotel Angela too.

Year after year celebrating something so typical and so magic with you fills us with joy, so for this reason, before the fair starts and also while it is on, we wanted you to enjoy some interesting activities we have organised for you.

The first of these activities will take place on Thursday the 3rd of October at 11:30 A.M by the pool. It is a cultural activity where we will explain you a little bit more about the fair and we will teach you typical words commonly used during this week of joy.

More special activities will be on next week, so on our next post we will tell you a little bit more about them.

Last year not only the guests who attended had fun, we also had the time of our lives. There is nothing more enriching than a cultural exchange, so we expect your participation!

Are you ready for the fair? We certainly are!!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations