We have been counting the days to see you again since the farewell party so now that we are getting closer to the opening day the excitement is palpable.

We have been very busy making sure that everything was on track…so now that seeing you again is round the corner we can say that the wait has been well worth it, we just hope that it hasn’t been too long for you.

Little by little the staff is getting back to work, making sure everything is perfect for your expected arrival…as you can imagine we are also thrilled about the reopening and we are more eager to work than ever before, if that is possible, though that is not everything, we are also eager to make you have the greatest holiday ever.

Considering how much we love celebrations and parties, the coming back will be much celebrated. We are aware that many of you won’t be able to visit in March, so we will make sure that all of you can get to celebrate the reopening of your beloved Hotel Angelabecause you really are the ones who make the Angela such a special place!

We are getting closer…see you very soon!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations