Nowadays it is very important to most of us to have internet access as it makes our life easier and allows us to be more in touch with our friends and family.Free WiFi in Fuengirola - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

If we normally rely on the internet, when we go on holiday we need it even more, and this is why Hotel Angela and its sister hotels, Hotel Florida Spa and Hotel Yaramar, offer free WiFi to guests.

It seems that now Fuengirola City Council is also aware of the importance of the Internet as at the moment there are 12 free WiFi zones in town.

This is great news as now you can have access to the Internet beyond our hotel whenever you are near any of these free WiFi zones.

Out of the 12 free WiFi zones the ones you possibly will find more useful are the ones located in city centre like Plaza de España, Parque de España, Plaza de los Reyes Catolicos and Parque del Sol or the one located in Los Boliches in Plaza San Rafael as it is right by the promenade and very close to our hotel.

To use the free WiFi you only need to visit these free WiFi zones and connect your device to the “Fuengirola WiFi” network. Once you are connected you will have to register (in Spanish or English) by entering your details on an online form.

Once you have done this last step you will have unlimited WiFi whenever you are in one of the free WiFi spots managed by the City Council.

Getting online in Fuengirola is much simpler now!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations