Do you know what cities like Vienna, Liverpool, London, Sevilla or Malaga have in common? Well, they all have great big wheels from where you can enjoy some beautiful views!

Malaga in fact is the last city to join this trend as it was only a few days ago when its official opening took place.

This fantastic new attaction, located in the port of Malaga, is 70 metres tall, so double the height of the famous lighthouse known as “La Farola” which is also located in the lovely port.

The official name of the “Malaga Eye” is “Mirador Princess”. It has 42 cabins able to accommodate up to 8 people, so it has been estimated that around 1,000 people could use it per hour.

We have not had the pleasure of seeing it or having a ride, but as you can imagine we are eager to!

If you are currently having a nice holiday at Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, we no doubt recommend you not to miss the opportunity to ride the most recent attraction in Malaga.

We are sure that giving it a go will make your holiday unforgettable!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations