As you know the Hotel Angela family has grown quite a lot in the last few months, so because of this we have made the most of our blog lately by introducing the new members of our team to you.Get to know: Sofía Kirmse

Today we have the pleasure of dedicating this blog post to Sofia, a friendly 21 year old girl who started working in our restaurant one year and a half ago and who recently moved department and now works in the lounge bar.

Sofia says she really enjoys working in a hotel as here she has the opportunity of meeting many people, not only guests but also other members of staff. Besides in here she gets to experience what working for a big company is like.

Due to her cheerful personality she has lived many funny moments with guests and colleagues and has had a good laugh at work, something we consider great as it is really important to enjoy what you do and to have a good time while working.

She says she enjoys listening to all kind of music and she goes for one genre or another depending on her mood.

In her spare time Sofia likes meeting her friends, playing sports and dancing. This last hobby is something she has in common with those of you who come to the Angela mainly for the great dancing sessions we have in here.

Her favourite place is her home and the restaurant in Fuengirola she likes the most is Casa Colón, a very popular bar in the city centre.

When we asked her about her ideal holiday she said it would include her friends and a fantastic beach with great waves to surf.

Would you like to know one last interesting thing about her? Her sister Mina also works with us as she is one of our friendly chambermaids… As you can see, when we say the Angela is a big family is because it certainly is!

To finish off Sofia says she hopes to see you back soon and thanks you for coming to our hotel.

If you would also like to send her a message, do not hesitate to do it on our Facebook page. We are sure she will love to read your comments.

Thank you for your time, Sofia!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations