This is going to be a great week as spring is about to start. Even if in Costa del Sol we have the fortune of having good weather almost all year round the arrival of spring always fills us with joy.Calle Larios - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

Spring to us is linked to longer days and higher temperatures which means we can spend more time outdoors doing what we like the most: going for walks, going shopping, having a drink and a tapa in a bar terrace, etc.

If we have to think of a beautiful street perfect to do such things, the first that comes to our mind is Calle Larios, the most famous street in Malaga.

Last December we told you about it as we dedicated a post to its beautiful Christmas lights. Now, although the lights are gone it still looks beautiful thanks to its amazing old and well looked after buildings, its lovely flowers and its many shops.

Although everybody calls it Calle Larios, its official name is Calle Marquis of Larios, as it was named after Manuel Domingo Larios & Larios, Second Marquis of Larios, who funded its construction.

Calle Larios was inaugurated in 1891 and an interesting fact about it is that during the Second Spanish Republic its name got changed to Calle 14th of April. It did not become Calle Marqués de Larios again until the Spanish Civil War was over.

By its entrance, in a roundabout that links Alameda Principal, Calle Larios and Plaza de la Marina, there is a monument in honour to the Marquis of Larios. This is an interesting sculpture with a lot of history as it was inaugurated in 1899, but as during the Second Republic the name of the street got changed, it got thrown out in the sea from the port. Once it was gone a new statue in honour of labour work took its place.

Same as it happened with its name, after the Civil War, the statue got restored and was put back in its place.

As you can see this street is not only all beauty and charm, it is also all full of history, so if you have the fortune of welcoming spring from Hotel Angela, your hotel in Fuengirola, why don’t you make the most of a beautiful sunny day by visiting Malaga, and having a walk through one of the most fascinating streets in Spain?

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations