Today we would like to introduce you to our colleague Ángel Campano, the latest member of staff to join the Hotel Angela team.Ángel Campano - Hotel Ángela Fuengirola

Ángel is our new maître and he started working with us during the reopening of our beloved Angela.

He just joined our team but we know that many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting him; still we would like you to know a little more about him.

Ángel comes from Malaga and his birthday is next Wednesday the 8th of May… Do not forget to wish him a happy birthday!

He says that what he likes the most about working in a hotel is being in contact with guests and its great atmosphere. His dad was also a maître in an important hotel so considering he grew up in that environment it is understandable that he loves his job so much.

He told us that he loves rock music, jazz and classic music among many other genres… in short: he loves music and can’t live without it.

Apart from loving music he also loves books. He confesses he is a big reader and that you can even find books in his car… Well done, Ángel! Not many things are as enriching as books!

He is quite sporty and in his spare time he likes running. He has run the Malaga, Sevilla, Madrid and Berlin marathons and also more than 30 half-marathons.

When we asked him about his favourite place in Fuengirola he does not hesitate: Hotel Angela!…Considering this answer we were not surprised when he said his favourite restaurant in town is the one in Hotel Ángela too!…We are sure that many of you will agree with him.

To finish off Ángel would like to send you a lovely message: “I expect you here in Hotel Ángela and I will do whatever is possible (and even impossible things) to make you have an unforgettable holiday”.

Would you like to know more about him? Have you already met him and would like to leave him a message? You can do it on our Facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations