When we think of Spain, its cuisine is one of the first things that comes to our mind. Paella is a very famous Spanish dish and, as it happens to other well known international dishes, it has become very flexible as it admits lots of ingredients and many different ways of cooking it.

The word “paella” comes from the old French word paele, which in modern French is poêle (pan). The word “paella” started to get used in Spanish to name this traditional dish as a synonym to “Valencian rice”, when it really refers to the container used to cook it.

It seems that this typical food started to get cooked around the 15th century in rural Valencia when shepherds and peasants created an easy to carry dish using the ingredients they had access to. Its original ingredients were poultry and rabbit meat, vegetables, rice, saffron and olive oil. On the other hand nobody really knows when seafood paella, typical from the coast, started to get cooked.

Mixed Paella is a combination of both as you can mix meat and seafood. This is a later creation that has managed to seduce many people.

Here in Hotel Ángela we know that many of you love it and because of this on Tuesday (every 2 weeks) in the Snack-Bar at 11.30 a.m our lovely Public Relations Alison shows you how to cook one.

Tomorrow is paella day, so do not miss this wonderful chance and learn the secrets of Spanish cuisine. This way when you get back home you will be able to cook a beautiful one and impress family and friends… Don’t panic and get to experiment in the kitchen, afterwards we would love to read your comments on Facebook!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

The Fuengirola Market


Tomorrow is Tuesday and as some of you know Tuesdays are Market Day in Fuengirola.

The location of the Fuengirola Market is in the Recinto Ferial and it covers most of the fair ground area so this is why it is considered as one of the biggest in Spain.

It is really good for bargains and well worth a look around as this market has it all, from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes, accessories, household items, local pottery or CDs.

If you love shopping this is a must visit when in Fuengirola as you will find so many new but cheap things that you will struggle to decide what to take home with you!

Here in Hotel Ángela we know that most of you have a passion for markets, so we wanted to make it easier for you. On Tuesdays, Alison, our lovely Public Relations, at around 10:30 a.m goes to the market with all the guests interested in visiting it.

The fair ground is not very far from Hotel Ángela (about 7 minutes walking) so do not think about it twice, go with Alison and enjoy the shopping!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Tanning safety tips


We continue on the topic of tanning. Some weeks ago we shared with you some tips to get a beautiful tan. Today what we would like is to give you some tanning safety tips so you can sunbathe responsibly:

  • Do not sunbathe from midday till 4 in the afternoon; the sun’s rays are stronger at this time of the day so they are also more harmful.
  •  In a few occasions  some guests have told us that they got sun burnt even if the sun wasn’t shining that day. Remember, even on cloudy days we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, so do not take risks and use sun screens.
  •  At the beach the sun reflects on the water and on the sand, so you have many more chances of tanning, though this also means that even under a parasol UV rays can reach you.
  •  Always use a high protection sun screen. Once you are starting to show a tan you can use a cream with a lower sun protection factor.

Doctors state that sunbathing responsibly is good for our health, that it helps us fighting against stress and that the sun provides us with vitamins.

On the other hand an over exposure can lead to serious health problems, so do not forget to follow these easy tips during your stay in Hotel Ángela and enjoy the Fuengirola sun without risks.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations