Tanning safety tips


We continue on the topic of tanning. Some weeks ago we shared with you some tips to get a beautiful tan. Today what we would like is to give you some tanning safety tips so you can sunbathe responsibly:

  • Do not sunbathe from midday till 4 in the afternoon; the sun’s rays are stronger at this time of the day so they are also more harmful.
  •  In a few occasions  some guests have told us that they got sun burnt even if the sun wasn’t shining that day. Remember, even on cloudy days we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, so do not take risks and use sun screens.
  •  At the beach the sun reflects on the water and on the sand, so you have many more chances of tanning, though this also means that even under a parasol UV rays can reach you.
  •  Always use a high protection sun screen. Once you are starting to show a tan you can use a cream with a lower sun protection factor.

Doctors state that sunbathing responsibly is good for our health, that it helps us fighting against stress and that the sun provides us with vitamins.

On the other hand an over exposure can lead to serious health problems, so do not forget to follow these easy tips during your stay in Hotel Ángela and enjoy the Fuengirola sun without risks.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Get to know : Begoña Gámez


This month the star of our blog section dedicated to our staff is Begoña Gámez.

Begoña is one of the hard working girls from the Snack Bar, so we are sure that most of you already know her.

She has been working with us nearly seven years and she says that what she likes the most about working at the hotel is “the working environment. It is like a big family because many of our guests come and visit us 2 or 3 times a year”.

Begoña has a special bond with many of them, that is why she remembers fondly when she got married and some of our guests gave her wedding presents because they were also excited about her big day.

Her most remarkable feature is her smile which is much appreciated by our guests who tend to thank her for her friendliness and kindness.

When we ask her about her hobbies she does not hesitate a minute: “I love going to flamenco lessons” ¡¡Olé!!

Her favourite place in Fuengirola is the beach. She especially enjoys going to the one near the Castle of Sohail as that way she can enjoy the beautiful views while she is sunbathing on her sunbed.

She also told us that her favourite restaurant in Fuengirola is “Restaurante La Farola” located in C/ Cuesta (Plaza Yate) where you can enjoy either national or international cuisine.

Begoña also gave us a special message for you all:  “I would like to thank our guests for keeping on choosing Hotel Ángela as their holiday hotel”.  Isn’t she lovely?

We are sure that most of you will see her again very soon. Now that you know that she can dance flamenco don’t miss out and ask her to show you some moves!  Though if you would like to say something to her or share your comments with us before your next visit remember that you can do it on our facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Let’s get tanned


The main aim of all of us as soon as the good weather starts is to get a lovely tan without damaging our skin. It is because of this that this week we would like to share with you some tips to help you get beautifully tanned this summer during your visit to Costa del Sol.

 Tips to get a good tan:

  • Drink a glass of orange and carrot juice daily.  Carrots and oranges help you to get a tan faster and their vitamins protect your skin.
  • Light-skinned people have to be much more careful and tanning can take longer, but if a few days before hitting the beach or the pool you apply a self tanning lotion, your skin will get tanned more easily.
  • If you want an even tan it is better to have a walk than to lay down under the sun. That way we will avoid getting certain parts of our body very tanned while others remain white.

Here in Hotel Ángela we love to get tanned, but we are always very careful as damaging our skin while sunbathing is dangerous. In upcoming posts we will continue talking about this topic so do not miss it, visit our blog and learn how to get tanned without risks.

Now you have no excuse, go and show your tan to the world!


Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations