Fuengirola Feria (Festival) 2011


Every year, from the 6th till the 12th of October, Fuengirola celebrates its « Feria ». The word « Feria » is translated as festival. The streets get decorated with the colours of the town’s flag (blue and white) and all the locals dress in flamenco dresses.


This year at the Hotel Angela, we wanted to transmit some of our traditions to our guests, in order for them to get into the feria atmosphere, and gave some classes:

  • How to wear flamenco accesories.
  • How to dance flamenco (sevillanas)
  • How to clap to Sevillanas and Rumbas (Flamenco)

and then we organised a Feria Party to put it all into practice. Here you have a video to see how fun it was!

Benefits of the « Siesta »


A few days ago, talking with some guests here at Hotel Angela, they asked me about « siesta ». They were telling me that they had never practised this and during these holidays they had started to do it everyday. They were surprised to see how energised and revitalised they felt and this inspired me to share with you this post with information on the healthy benefits of a « siesta ».


‘Siesta’ is a brief nap taken afer the meal, very common in Spain. Although this country is worlwide known for this way of living, it is not only done in Spain. Many other hot countries also take a siesta. It is said that it is good for your health as it preventes tiredness, stress and improves your blood circulation, thus, your health. But it is also a biological response as the blood level of glucose decreases causing drowsiness that may tempt you to take a nap.

If you are not used to naps take our advice: don’t sleep more than a half an hour, but surely try a siesta. Here, at the Costa del Sol, is the best place to experience this fit tradition.

Relax….. zzzzzzz…….


Yara Martin
Guest Relations Manager

Let’s take care of the environment


It´s time to think green. The Hotel Angela is already adapted to this new thought in which everyone concentrates in protecting the earth. Low-consuming lights, double glass windows, economizing water taps and the incorporation in 2009 of led lights in common areas are some of the ways this hotel at Fuengirola pretends to help.

There are many ways of taking care of the environment and one of the most important and easy to do is recycling. At our hotel we recycle anything that is recyclable:

  • Oil – from the kitchens is collected by a specialized company that then makes natural soap amongst other things.
  • Glass bottles and containers – are returned to be used again.
  • Cardboard
  • Lightbulbs
  • Batteries – at the front desk you will find a container to drop any you might have.
  • Plastic
  • Paper – from all the office work, we use both sides and then send it to recycle.
  • Water – from the air conditioning units and buffet engines used to water the garden and plants in the hotel.


All this actions are very important to keep our earth in good conditions. Just to give you an idea of the impact little gestures can have, we have measured that we recycle 2500 Liters of water every day at Hotel Angela. Don’t you think this is something we should think about seriously? Can you imagine how much we can all do together?


As part of our enthusiasm for the planet and the environment, we invite all our guests and readers to share this view and take care of the world for the generations to come. To contribute to this purpose you may help us recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, batteries…as well as offering new ideas or suggestions in our Facebook, by email or by mail.


It is all about caring and team work.

Yara Martin
Guest Relations Manager